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Dr. Rodney McKay Icontest

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Dr. Rodney McKay Icon Challenge

Welcome to the fortnightly icon contest community dedicated to Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis.

New challenges and voting will be posted every other Saturday at or after the time specified in each challenge post.
Rules to take into account

. NO ANIMATIONS ARE ALLOWED (unless there's a special challenge which I'll specify)
. All icons submitted must meet LJ standards: 100x100 (or smaller) and 40 KB in size.
. All icons must be newly made - no reposting old icons.
. No icons are to be posted anywhere else before the challenge is over. Once the challenge has ended and the results have been posted, all icons are then released.
. All comments are screened.
. Pay close attention to the rules posted on a challenge for they may differ.
. Post with both the image and the URL. Example of posting format:


Caps we provide are from GateWorld, StargateSG1971 and the Official MGM Site
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